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Above is: Nikarl Yasha of Kitails

Has retired and is now a family pet owned by his boyhood friend our son.
We are so happy that we are not saying a premanent good-bye,
but that Yasha is now a permanent family member

These are the cats that share our lives and that will give you your special friend!!!


Pictures of our new breeding family will be posted soon.

Kitails Summer Breeze- Red/Silver Spotted

Golden Dawn Annakin- Classic Seal Lynx with Gold

Volzhskaya Krasa Dorofey Golden Classic

Kitails Porche-Classic Seal Lynx with Gold

Kitails Kitanita- Flame Silver Point

Kitails Sophia Tanya- Red/Silver

Kitails Daisy- Golden Seal Lynx

And Below

Kitails Autumn Mist-Black/Silver Spotted at Five Months

 Shadowlawn Kayla Tatiana of Kitails

Spotted Seal Lynx withWhite Female-Retired- Staying at Kitails

TICA Third Best Siberian Kitten in the Northeast- 2006 in one show!

Autumn kitten

Sibirskiy Annalina Kate of Kitails

Classic Seal Lynx with White and Gold-Retired-Staying at Kitails



Our cats are tested for HCM-PKD-FeLV-FIV-FIP-Feline Distemper
In order for any breed of domestic animals to remain beautiful, true to it's structure, healthy, and without defect, the breeders have be willing to maintain this in all catteries. Selling or trading unfit animals does the animals no good. In turn it will do no good for the people who adore them and want to have them as pets/show/breeder. We should all insist that those who breed live up to these responsibilities.

Kitails Siberian Cattery 2005 through 2017